Here at SWIISH, we believe that doing what you can to aid prevention is better than trying to fix the problem afterwards. Supporting your immune system and keeping it as resilient and strong as possible is key to helping you through cold and flu season, and supporting your overall wellbeing. For Maha and I, we actively support our immunity, and that of our families, not just by eating well and trying to get enough sleep, but by having one teaspoon of our SWIISH Wellness SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder every day.

Why do we love it?


  • Over 120% of your daily vitamin C requirement, vital for all immune function

  • Turmeric which contains the active constituent curcumin that provides potentanti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties

  • Mushroom extracts which are among the strongest immunomodulators around helping to stimulate the immune system so that it can adapt to viral stressors

  • Echinacea root that possesses powerful antioxidant effects to fight viral infections

  • A quality probiotics blend to improve gut health - an area where approximately 70% of the immune system exists, due to its make-up of “Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue” (aka GALT)!!

All of these immune-supporting properties specially formulated in our SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder were designed to do the hard work for you. After all, we know you have enough to juggle as is! We’re here to make wellbeing easy.

Yours in health and happiness, 

Love Sally xx

Still haven’t got your SUPERGREEN’s?

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