Wax On. Wax Off. Mister Miyagi from The Karate Kid might have been onto something because we've been wearing our wax coated for days on end. Without them, putting together stylish, weather appropriate outfits that can transition from day to night would be a whole lot harder.

That’s where black wax skinnies come in… stylish, flattering and incredibly versatile - these pants can be worn no matter what, making them the perfect solution for tricky styling situations.  Kept casual with sneakers and a knit or dressed up with heels and a blazer, these pants are a winter wardrobe staple. 

As for us?  We honestly don’t know what we’d do without our Minx wax coated skinnies.  We wear them to the office, when we go shopping, to meetings, to lunches, dinners, drinks and events.  We basically live in them.  Ha ha!  But that’s the great thing about black wax pants - they don’t fade like regular blue jeans do, which means you can afford to wear them over and over again.  They’re also a great way to replicate that luxe leather-pant look, without having to spend a small fortune.  And in our opinion, they’re way comfier anyway!

Here are our top 4 ways to style the Minx wax coated skinnies…

Oversized knits and ankle boots. Done and done. It's that easy.

Wear a pair of faded ripped blue jeans to a meeting and you might be kicked back out the door.  Black wax skinnies on the other hand? Office appropriate.  Get the look by pairing them with heels and a tailored blazer. 

We can’t get enough of this incredible combo - minx skinnies paired with a blush coloured blazer and metallic shoes.  Throw a pair of mirrored sunnies in for a fashion-forward edge.    

Winter is here and that means one thing – layers, layers and more layers.  We love the look of wax coated skinnies paired with a turtleneck knit, a waterfall coat and ankle boots.


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