Personalised accessories have been making huge waves across the fashion scene.  It’s all about having something individual, unique and designed specifically for you and you alone. 

I’ve got a monogrammed clutch, an initialed phone case and a few other bits and bobs.  But I have to say, there’s nothing quite so close to my heart as my personalised Uberkate jewellery.  

Uberkate was founded in 2003 by designer Kate Sutton, who wanted to create unique, personalised jewellery.  Looking at Uberkate now, with its gorgeous recognisable pieces and worldwide following, I think it’s safe to say she’s achieved that goal.

What I love about the jewellery is that it truly is so special and unique, which makes it absolutely perfect for gifting.  Delicately engraved and made using only the finest precious metals, it’s the type of thing your loved one’s will cherish forever.  

The stunning range includes cuffs, bangles, necklaces, earrings, keyrings, cufflinks and rings.  There’s even some stuff for children as well!

I have the Love Lines in Large and Medium with Marcus and Annabelle's names engraved on it. They were a gift from my beautiful friend and colleague Monique Wright. I would say that they are amongst a handful of my most treasured possessions.
Next on my list is a monnogrammed ring and a bracelet with my wedding vows engraved on it.

One of coolest things about this brand is that you have the option to completely personalize the jewellery by adding your own script.  Imagine, a sterling silver cuff engraved with your child’s adorable handwriting. So sweet!

Head to the Uberkate website to check out the gorgeous range and personalize your very own piece of jewellery.