Lean. Fab. Fast. That's the philosophy behind Super Green Smoothies.  Well, now's the time to kick things up a notch and join the team! Team SGS, that is!

I'm sure by now most of you know how much Maha (my sister, who is also my Super Green Smoothies co-author and SWIISH partner) and I love our daily green smoothies - for each of us, this small habit has yielded big results - weight loss, truckloads more energy, better skin, heathier hair and nails and a general feeling of good health and wellness.

But it's not just us. From all of your thousands of emails, social media snaps, comments and people stopping us in the street (yep! and we love it!), you are loving our green smoothie recipes too. So many of you have written in to tell us how quickly you've noticed a change for the better - whether it's an increase in your energy; kicking sugar cravings to the kerb; weight loss; better sleep, glowing skin, plus you're only having to take a few minutes out of your day to do one simple thing that ultimately makes such a massive difference.

Many of you have asked us - what's next? You want to make sure this becomes a lifestyle change, a permanent habit.  A few of you have told us you're just not sure about spinach and kale. You know the benefits but you're scared to try the smoothies even though we promise you that they taste AMAZING (seriously, they do!).

Well - welcome to the Super Green Smoothies 30 Day Challenge.

How does it work? It’s simple - we challenge you to join us (and the rest of our team SGS community) in drinking at least one Super Green Smoothie each day for a month. Whether it's as a meal replacement or as a snack - the goal is ultimately to get more greens into your diet and as a result, begin to feel fab from the inside out.

Each week we send out a shopping list; 7 fresh and delicious green smoothie recipes; plus plenty more including must-have tips and tricks for maximising the smoothie lifestyle, a look at Maha's and my typical "day on a plate", a special celebrity green smoothie recipe plus a bunch of our own dinner, dessert and snack recipes - all focussed on clean eating.

Our next challenge starts on October 1st, and a huge number of dedicated and eager people have already signed up. Go team SGS! And it goes without saying that Maha and I will be doing the challenge with you and cheering for you the whole way.

Plus - everyone who signs up to the challenge will receive an exclusive MOMBASSA tumbler, valued at $12.95, absolutely free.

And if you're still not sure, these are just a few of the many comments we have received:

"Every day has been delicious and so different. It's been something to look forward to every day!!"

"I've had compliments on my skin, so thanking the challenge as that's all I've changed"

"Both of my daughters want to do the challenge as well - they like me are loving the delicious taste of the smoothies"

"Have lost weight and improved my skin"

"Loads more energy and sleeping and eating better all around. Thank you"

"I feel stunning with my #supergreensmoothiechallenge"

"Today was a ripper!"

"I can't believe my energy levels and my psoriasis is improving"

"Delicious and Nutritious"

"I'm loving the challenge and am feeling the benefits"

"Here's to being a healthier me!"

"I have lost weight, skin improved and am just amazed at my energy levels"

"It was so delicious - loved it, now can't wait for tomorrow"

"I've gained superior health and it has helped me build on my strong positive mindset"

"Into my second month... it's fabulous... Go The Green"

"I lost weight... A huge thank you"

"I love the energy I have and all the smoothies taste so good"

"I would definitely recommend it to my friends... it's a game changer"

You can join Team SGS by signing up now for the October 30 Day Challenge RIGHT HERE! We'll see you on October 1st!

Love Sally & Maha xx


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