Just Do A Bit

So as part of my health and fitness goal for this year I’m trying to incorporate a range of exercises and not just fall into my old rut of doing the same thing over and over (your muscles get used to it and you don't get the maximum impact out of your exercise).

I've mentioned in some other blog posts recently that I’m training with my personal trainer, Ashley, a few times a week. In addition to that I’m trying to do some pilates and yoga. I try mostly to do it at my gym, Elixr Fitness, because I just find that getting out of the house is half the battle.

If I say to myself "tomorrow I’ll do some pilates in the lounge room, instead of at the gym" I find I will procrastinate and do the washing, and the laundry, and tidy Annabelle's room, then do groceries and cook a week’s worth of meals, and basically do anything and everything but the pilates I was meant to do! So as a rule I try to organise my day in a way that I can get out and get my exercise done.

But like all rules, they're sometimes hard to stick to, and this week was case in point. With our work schedules clashing I couldn't get to the gym and so it was yoga in the lounge room.

I did have a little incentive this week though - my new DVF yoga mat. I seriously love it so much. It just makes me want to do yoga and pilates and anything else I can do on the mat.

I had Annabelle crawling over me as I did my poses and whilst the concentration and the breathing probably wasn't spot on it was still very enjoyable (possibly more enjoyable seeing Annabelle trying to copy the moves).

It reminded me that it doesn't always have to be perfect - just get out there and do a bit, as much as each day allows and that's good enough. Tomorrow is another day.

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