The Killer Core Workout

ViPR. Sounds like some kind of secret mission. What is it? ViPR stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning - it's not some new fad that promises you the body of your dreams overnight. We all know that doesn't exist. But, this is one workout that helps tone your body faster than traditional exercises. Uh - we're up for that!

And as a bonus, ViPR really adds an element of novelty and a new challenge to what you would normally do at the gym. That’s especially important to me, because once I get sick of my regular workout the temptation to skip it starts kicking in. This way, I stay motivated and enjoy what I’m doing.

The theory behind ViPR is that by adding the task of lifting and carrying bulk weight to your exercises, you’ll use more muscles than you usually would, increase the number of calories you burn, build up your core strength and improve your movement and coordination.

In ViPR classes, you lift and move your body with a heavy rubber tube, which adds another level to your usual gym class. If you like working out at home, you can buy a ViPR bar here. But I’d definitely recommend trying a ViPR class at the gym first. There you’ll learn how to use ViPR to maximise the benefits to your body. 

If you feel like toughening up your regular workouts, ask at your gym or find a ViPR class near you at Fitness First or Go Health Clubs.

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