We don’t have to tell you that parenting is hard, do we? Rewarding and amazing? Absolutely! But it’s still a whole lot of work for all mums, dads and carers out there.

It doesn’t help either that there’s soooo much information out there for parents. A lot of it can be overwhelming, some of it misleading and some can just be so dated that we don’t know what to do!

Enter the game-changing app called Kiindred, founded and created by two gorgeous Aussie mummas and friends, Emmy Samtani and Alicia Yelavich. Following the birth of their first children they both saw first hand just how outdated and one-size-fits-all support and information could be for the modern-day parent. The app solves all these problems and is divided into four genius sections – Newsfeed, Trends, Events and Chat. Of course, our personal favourite is the Petite Trends section, where you can shop the most adorable little outfits and products for your kiddies straight from the app. Brilliant!

We sat down and chatted to both Emmy and Alicia about Kiindred, what they can’t live without each day and their funniest parenting fails (which are hilarious). 

We both met around 3 years ago when working on the same client during fashion week - it was for a premium alcohol brand.
We are a little bit ying and yang. Emmy is very much the creative, focusing on product while Alicia is more on the sales and marketing side. As we have been working in the startup world with kiindred, it sees us both moving across everything – it’s a little bit of a juggling act!
Both our skillsets mesh quite well for what we are trying to achieve through the kiindred dream.

We found out we were pregnant around the same time and that we lived in the same hood quite close by.
Typical of us, a maternity leave coffee date turned into a brain storming session. We started airing our frustrations on how outdated the parenting space was and how hard it was to find guidance/ support when you needed it most. We quickly realized that there was a huge gap in the new parenting market. So it was literally a coffee date that realised the kiindred dream - code named ‘Project Mumma’ at the time.  

There are loads of parenting books that already exist. These are jam packed with endless amounts of information but there’s the problem! There’s no denying these can be a valuable resource but who has time to trawl through endless amounts of information. It is the same for Doctor Google and all the online forums or Facebook groups. Why couldn’t we just have the information at our finger tips, when we needed it most. We spent many a night feeding our little ones, phone in hand whilst trying to navigate information online. An app would allow us to control and serve the information to the users right when they needed it most via a simple newsfeed.

Inspiration and guidance to make those early days of parenting so much easier and enjoyable. We want to take the guess work out of things that you should know as a parent. We called on the experts across a range of categories, to get those key tips and advice and then worked quite closely with them to ensure it could be delivered in bite-sized pieces, based on a baby’s age – right when they need it most.


E – The Daily Rhythms. Our Mothercraft Expert helped guide me through the development stages with my first born. I remember thinking she was worth her weight in gold – so to have her rhythms and easy to follow sleep/feeding and awake times accessible to our community is invaluable. I still refer to them on a daily basis the second time around.

A – I have an addiction to Petite Trends – shopping the feed that is! I love how we have handpicked some of the most beautiful brands and products, and a lot of them are businesses also ran by mums themselves. Most products have been inspired from an experience of a parent and also realizing a gap in the market for something they needed.


It goes without saying we are all for routine at kiindred HQ. With 2 babies each and a new business, we couldn’t get through each day without having some form of structure in place. The kids really thrive off it too – predictability is a good thing especially for toddlers. The babies now know what to expect too and we can juggle bed/bath routine like no one’s business! 


E – Our lovely Food + Nutrition Expert gave me some breastfeeding tonic to help with my milk supply. After a rough night, one babe on my hip and another tugging at my leg, I decided to quickly down the herbs before racing out the door. I realised almost immediately I had just taken half a bottle (75 mls) of the most awful tasting stuff, rather than 7.5mls. Yes there was a decimal point. The lesson is - don’t self-medicate when sleep deprived.   

A – Being a little too lenient with ‘nappy free’ time. I left my son Arlo nappy free in his room when he was around 10 months of age so I could finish doing my makeup... he had done a number 2 and decided it would look beautiful painted all over his gorgeous books and cot. Lesson learned.

Is this a trick question? Running a business and having kiddies under the age of 3 really doesn’t allow much time for ourselves.  

E – Working on something you are passionate about can become quite addictive. I‘ve tried to not be too hard on myself with juggling the kids and launching a business - there is only so much you can fit into each day! I’ve made a promise to myself to start blocking out time in the diary post launch and take a little more time-out sans kids or work to clear my head and exercise.  

A – I have the kids a few days a week and work any second I have so getting some time out is super tricky. I have though just discovered an app (love a good app!) that helps me get 5 mins peace and quiet to reflect on the day. This is a really nice way to detach from the world for a moment, reflect on the day and appreciate what has now past and what’s next.

E–  1. Water. Being a breastfeeding mumma and getting less the amount of desired sleep, I find this is a necessity. I recently bought myself a new bottle when my intake was low to remind me of how much I should be drinking – it instantly makes you feel better when you are well hydrated.
2. My Mumma. Whether she is babysitting, doing my laundry or on the phone as a sounding board, she has been a huge support for me since having my babies and with the launch of kiindred.
3. My Phone. It’s sad but true - we’re launching an app after all! It barely leaves my side though as I am guilty of tracking every single milestone by taking pictures of my little ones. They are such great memories to have.

A – 1. My Aesop skincare. It smells THAT good. When you are getting up 3 times a night you can wake up feeling pretty blah. I find smothering on some Aesop really helps give me a pick me up, and leaves me smelling like I have left a day-spa.
2. My husband. He keeps me very balanced. No matter the day he has had, he comes in with a smile and we chat. Communication is so important, especially in the first stages of becoming a parent.
3. My Mum & Dad. They are a HUGE support and I couldn’t work, have kids and be a mum without them. Blessed.

We just love this story of two friends being total boss babes and taking over the parenting world one app at a time.
You can download Kiindred from the app store here.


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