Over the last few months, Kylie Cosmetics has become the talk of the town.  Well, more like the talk of the world… Her new cosmetics brand is blowing up big time and her lip kits are the centre of allll the attention.

She may be still just a teen, but Kylie’s #girlboss game is strong and she’s got the loyal following to prove it.  Which by the way, the SWIISH team is totally a part of.  With all the talk about Kylie’s “perfect”, “amazing”, “incredible” lip kit, we knew we had to try it for ourselves and of course, share the verdict with you guys!

We bought three different matte colours - Dolce, Candy and Koko – for $49 (AUD) each, including shipping.  For a lip kit that sells out in literally seconds, we thought we’d scored a pretty sweet bargain.  The lip kits also arrived in a cool box and with a personal note from Kylie.  We loved that!  Each kit had one lip liner and one lip-gloss.  But of course, it was the colour we were most interested in…

We were a little sceptical about Dolce at first.  It came up browner than we had expected.  It’s definitely growing on us though and with the 90’s trend in full swing, brown lippy is quickly becoming a beauty bag staple.  

Koko K was probably the lightest pink out of the three.  We’d recommend this one to all our fair skinned friends.  It’s quite a natural pink and would work well for everyday wear.  

Candy K was a slightly darker pink with a hint of reddish brown.  This is probably our fave (and Kylie’s too, apparently!) because it’s the perfect middle ground between the other two colours.  It also works really well on both lighter and darker skin tones.

The lip liner in all three sets has a really strong pigment, which is something you always want to look for in a good liner, because the colour on your lip will have more depth to it.  The matte gloss is also incredibly easy to use.  It glides on easily and dries in seconds.  All in all, we think we found a winner! 

Next on the list to try – Kyshadow and Kyliner. They are sold out at the moment (like most of the stuff on the site) but we’ll be on stand by.

You can head to the Kylie Cosmetics website to check out all the colours and order some for yourself.

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