With all the incredible beauty innovations over the last couple of years, we can’t help but wonder… if my foundation magically transforms to suit my skin tone and I have the choice to whiten my teeth with a laser beam, then why am I still over here sticking plastic lashes on (badly, I might add) with something similar to kindy glue that ends up making a mess all over my face?  Well, soon we won’t have to… 

Introducing magnetic lashes.  Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like!  False lashes that stick to your eyelids via magnetic force.  How cool is that?  It’s so much simpler than it sounds too.  Basically, you just have to sandwich your real lashes between two half-lash strips, which fuse together with their attached magnets.  Then when you want to take them off, you just use your fingers to slide the plates away from each other until they release.  So easy!

As self-confessed lovers of the false lash at Team SWIISH, the news of this innovation came as a delightful surprise.  No longer will we have to wait for the lash glue to reach its perfect level of tackiness before attempting an application.  No longer will we have to pull tacky blobs out of our eyelids at the end of the night.  No longer will we have to rescue accidentally glued shut eyelids… it’s a total time and mess saver.

Now for the disappointing part… these lash strips aren’t available in Australia just yet.  They’re made by a company called ‘One Two Cosmetics’, which currently only ships to US addresses. They're planning to start international orders from next month, presumably as a result of all the hype they've been getting. In the meantime, you can checkout their website to start planning your purchase.  We’ll be right there with you!