SWIISH has done the leg-work for you, so here are some of the best fat-fighting foods around. Start adding them into your diet, stat!

These incredible fat burning foods can help you suppress your appetite for junk food and keep your body running smoothly with clean fuel and efficient energy. As a bonus they're rich in vitamins and nutrients, but almost best of all they possess in-built fat burning properties, so you can slim down and trim up.


The kind of starch found in oats is called resistant starch which means it is resistant to digestion (that’s a good thing!), so this essentially changes the way the body utilises energy and puts fat burning at the top of the list. 



Apples contain a kind of fibre called pectin, which when it binds with water, limits the amount of fat your cells can absorb. As an added bonus it contains both soluble and insoluble fibres which keeps your blood sugar steady meaning 



Most diets insist cheese is off the list, but it needn’t be. Sure triple cream brie isn’t ideal, but cottage cheese, fetta and goats cheese are all good. The calcium has been found to increase the fat oxidation in the body by up to 20 times. The high calcium content prevents the body from releasing a hormone that causes the storage of fat. This same good news applies to low fat yoghurt as well.



The great thing about soy is that it's particularly good at speeding up the breakdown of stored fat. Tofu is high in calcium and also jam packed with protein, and it causes the body to boost its metabolism. Edamame or fresh green soy beans, also stop the body soaking up fat because choline, a nutrient found in the soy beans, blocks fat absorption.



Olive oil has long been touted for it's health benefits, but now it's flaxseed oil that is gaining popularity thanks to its ability to decrease fat stores.

When we accumulate fat in our body it stores a lot of toxins. What linseed and flaxseed does is it helps grab those toxins out of the fat cells and release them out of the system and burn them up.



Tomatoes contain an amino acid called Carnitine and research has confirmed that Carnitine speeds up the fat burning ability by up to 30%. Nice.



Yes they can be a bit smelly but this dynamic duo is packed with phytochemicals which are plant pigments that break down fatty deposits.

So try if you can to incorporate as many of these fat fighters into your daily diet. Not only will these foods help you fight fat but as an added bonus  you’ll see all over results including great skin, great hair and loads of energy. Can’t argue with that!