For any parents out there, you would know how hard it is to find a children’s book that sends positive messages to your kids whilst being something that your little ones actually want to read.

We’re so excited because we have found the perfect book that will keep both parents and kids happy and is actually written by a Sydney mum of two and intuitive healer! Zary Little Wisdoms by Kay Andrews is about Zary, a spirit warrior, who will guide, assist and nurture kids through different times of need. It’s not just adults who deal with their own internal struggles and pressures from everyday life; kids deal with it too.

From friendships, school, extra-curricular activities, health and family, there are a lot of different plates that little ones have to juggle. This is where Zary comes in as she teaches children how to be positive, love unconditionally and to be fearless warriors themselves. Alongside the most amazing illustrations, there’s a quote on each page with a message from Zary that kids are able to relate to and we especially love the Never Give Up one, which reads, “Follow your heart and always believe in your dreams”.

Zary teaches us to “look at everything with love and you will feel happy” so we hope you and your kids look at this book with lots of love, just like we do.

You can pick up Zary Little Wisdoms right here.


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