We are obsessing over kids shoes! We all know everything is cuter in smaller sizes but kid’s shoes have never looked better. 

Livie and Luca are the new mini me must haves in the SWIISH office. For the mums, aunts and fairy godmothers in our team this is the go-to place to get the kids in our lives gorgeous shoes and booties.

Their shoes are incredibly soft and made from sturdy leather so those little feet have plenty of support. Your toddler can explore and have as many fun adventures as they like in shoes that support their growing feet.

PLUS they are eco-friendly! Yup, Livie and Luca actually encourage you to recycle the shoes once you no longer need them. Love it!

Did I mention how cute they are? Annabelle is a budding fashionista so she aboslutely loves her pairs!

To grab a pair of these gorgeous shoes, head to the Livie and Luca facebook page here or email them for more information here.


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