Low Fat Festive Food

If you’ve been on a health or weight-loss journey this year and don’t want to undo all of your good deeds during the festive season, don’t fret. Here is a list of finger foods that you can enjoy at parties and events, meaning you can stop counting calories, and start socialising instead!

Rice paper rolls

These delicious rolls are packed full of carrots, sprouts, rice noodles, cucumber and coriander. Choose vegetarian, prawn or chicken for the healthiest, most calorie-friendly option.


Stick to fresh salmon or tuna, or vegetarian rolls. The ones to avoid are cooked tuna or crab, given the large quantities of mayonnaise that are typically mixed with these. Also opt out of tempura or katsu rolls, as these contain deep fried fillings.


These little babies are high in protein and low in fat, also containing vitamins such as iron, magnesium and potassium.

Chicken skewers

High in protein, chicken skewers can be a good option if you skip the dipping sauces (particularly fatty satay sauce!)


Fresh, simple and delicious. Tomatoes are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Just make sure it’s on sourdough or a French stick … Turkish bread is best avoided if you’re trying to save on calories.


High in protein, low in fat and surprisingly filling. Grilled, BBQ’d or fresh are all great options.


  • If you’re a guest at a party, offer to bring a couple of platters of your favourite low-fat finger food.
  • Don’t stand next to the food table – if you’re not near it, you can’t eat it.
  • Fill up on a healthy meal before you arrive, so you only have room for a small amount of food.

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