Hands up who wants health, long lashes. Yep. Us too!

We all want healthy, long lashes. If you've ever worn fake lashes, or had eyelash extensions, you know how fab they feel and what a difference they can make to your look.Why? Well, lashes have the ability of framing our face. It means that whenever we wear eyelash extensions or false eyelashes, we can keep our makeup as minimal as possible to let the lashes do all the talking. However, these aren’t something we wear every day and it’s not particularly a long term solution for healthy and strong lashes.

Just like any other part of our body, our lashes need care and attention to keep them in optimal health. Yep, even something as small as our eyelashes need to be maintained!

That’s where lash conditioners, serums and primers come in. Whilst formulas in each product differs, they usually have peptides in common, which are said to encourage hair growth at the follicle level. Combined with conditioning properties, these products promote lash health and strength. Yipppeee!

If you’re in the market for longer lashes (honestly though, who isn’t?), then see below for our round up of the best eyelash conditioners, serums and primers out there!




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