Do you ever go shopping and find two things that are almost exactly the same, but one of them just has that little something extra?  It could be a set of gorgeous gold buttons, a little bit of lace, a slightly softer fabric or it could be something as simple as pockets.  The point is it’s these little details that make a big difference when it comes to choosing what to buy.

Now we cover a lot of fashion on SWIISH, so it’s always interesting to see what gets the most attention.  Interestingly, what we’ve found is that it’s often our everyday, staple styles that readers seem love the most.  It’s always “Where did you get that jumper??” or “I need that cardi!”  And what we put this down to is the little details.  When it comes to picking our looks, we always opt for simple styles with a fashion-forward twist.  In our opinion, this is the perfect way to nail the ‘effortless’ look while staying on trend at the same time.  

This black and white outfit is exactly what we’re talking about.  We all know leggings and jumpers are a super comfy combo, but pick the right styles and you can create something so much more than that.  With ribbed detailing and stunning lace-up sides, this white jumper is what we like to call ‘a statement staple’.  The leggings also have a similar crosshatched, lace up style that really rounds off the whole look.  Paired with some dark sunnies and a trendy fedora it’s the perfect chic-but-comfy ensemble.   

On top of their unique designs, both these pieces are super high quality and so comfortable to wear.  The fact that the entire outfit came in at under $100 is just an added bonus!  I guess that’s just two more items we can add to the long list of favourites we’ve found at Rockmans.  We originally went there because we couldn’t get enough of their awesome denim and knitwear range, but now we’re constantly going back for all sorts of fashion items - from cute dresses to tailored jackets to luxe coats, there’s just so much to love.  And if you’re after some ‘statement staples’ like these ones, we guarantee Rockmans will not disappoint.

Check out the Rockmans website or head in store today to check out some of their amazing range for yourself.