As a massive foodie I am always excited by new recipes, restaurants and food finds so let me introduce you to my newest find that I cannot get enough of... say hello to Marley Spoon!

Marley Spoon are truly an innovative food company. I tried them out recently, and basically they give you the method and ingredients for a beautiful meal - which means that you can cook at home without all the wasteful things that can come with that - like time shopping for ingredients and unused produce (you know... all those herbs you purchased and planned on doing something fancy with only to see them wilted and limp in the back of the fridge days later).

Yep - you can make a restaurant quality meal from the comfort of your own home in next to no time! All you need to do is hop online, pick your meals, have the ingredients delivered, and follow the recipe card instructions. Hey presto! A delicious meal in next to no time wihtout any of the fuss and bother!

Each Marley Spoon meal takes less than 60 minutes to prepare, has six steps or less and is delivered in minimal, recyclable packaging (these guys have thought of everything!). Plus if you find yourself in a pickle, they even have a cooking hotline to answer any questions about the recipe on the spot. Gotta love that.

For anyone on the go or if you feel like treating yourself to an easy night of cooking, then Marley Spoon is a must! You can check them out HERE.

Oh and as a special treat to our SWIISH readers, the good folk at Marley Spoon are offering you $35 off your first order, all you need to do is simply enter the code SWIISH at the checkout to receive your discount! Happy cooking!



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