Have you ever wondered why celebs always look so darn perfect?  Sure, we could put it down to the super sized hair and makeup squad.  But it seems like more and more, we’re witnessing our favourite celebs go makeup free.  And guess what?  THEY’RE STILL HOT. 

Just look at Alicia Keys, who showed up barefaced at this year’s VMA’s.  She may have taken a Twitter beating but the truth is, she looked beautiful. #Flawless

According to our inside sources (aka, Snapchat) these flawless faces are the result of some pretty interesting beauty products.  Just ask Kimmy K , who recently revealed a Snapchat of herself sporting some sort of gummy lip mask.  Which, of course, we now have to have.

Lucky for you guys, we’ve done a bit of research.   Lo-and-behold, these products are actually buyable AND they’re not even that exxy.  Here’s all the info… 

First up, the beauty trend that’s on every one’s lips – literally!  This is the lip mask we mentioned Kimmy K wearing in one of her recent Snapchats but apparently, she’s not the fan.  The same (or at least, strikingly similar) mask has been seen on the lips of actresses Katie Nehra and Jessica Alba, along with a long list of models.  

Turns out, this is actually a new invention by KNC beauty called the ‘all natural collagen infused lip mask.  With a blend of rose flower oil, cherry extract, and vitamin E, these masks deliver a mega dose of hydration and are supposed to leave your lips plumper, smoother and more youthful.


Collagen Infused Lip Mask, 10 Pack – KNC Beauty, $53 (AUD)

Jessica Alba recently posted a pic of herself with some seriously pretty patches under her eyes.  How pretty?  24-karat gold pretty.  Yup, it’s called the ‘Lonvitalite 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask’ and it’s made from real 24-karat gold, along with natural extract and a collagen composition.  Supposedly, when left on for 20 minutes or more, these patches can restore volume in ageing skin and leave your under eyes looking radiant and youthful.  Sold! 


24K Gold & Collagen Eye Masks 6pk – Lonvitalite, $32

Apparently, an old favourite of ours is also a favourite of Gigi Hadid.  The supermodel recently posted a mid-pamper snap and confessed her love for Charlotte Tilbury while wearing the Goddess Skin Clay Face Mask.  We personally haven’t tried this one yet…. but we will now!  Then again, if Gigi posted a pic rubbing mayo on her face, we’d probably do that too.  Anything for that supermodel skin, right?  Ha ha!   

Goddess Skin Clay Face Mask – Charlotte Tilbury, $88

Kate Hudson is another stunning celebrity with a strange beauty trick – electro shock under-eye patches.  Yep, we’re serious!  Kate has been seen sporting these electro-pads in several snaps.  Apparently, they work by sending heat energy to the underlying tissue, which can help to tighten lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen production.  As much as we love cool new contraptions, this one looks a little painful… and according to Kate, it is.

Micro-Charged Eye Wrinkle Treatment – Wrinkle MD, $265 (AUD)

There’s no doubt about it - Chrissy Tiegan has flawless skin.  How?  Well, according to numerous posts over the years, Tiegan is a big fan of the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.  This moisture-boosting sheet mask is enriched with Pitera essence and is said to leave your skin looking radiant, youthful and crystal clear.  Apparently, it’s also a favourite of Demi Moore’s.  Could be worth a try! 

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask 6 pcs – Sephora, $138


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