Are you as obsessed with marble as we are? Hands down the hottest trend in design and homewares for this year, marble is such a chic, elegant style in just about all things home decor (and as an added bonus, basically everything you photograph on it or in it - flowers, food, books, jewellery - looks amazing for your Instagram haha!).

The only problem with choosing marble decor is that there are so many options out there. And the price and quality can vary greatly depending on what and where you buy. Which is why we wanted to tell you guys about one of our favourite new furniture brands – Harpers Project.

When shopping for home décor, you want a brand that can offer high-quality, stylish pieces, good customer service and of course, value for money. From our own personal experience, Harpers Project goes above and beyond in all these areas.  Their website is also super easy to navigate, which always makes such a difference when shopping online.    

We recently ordered a stunning marble dining table from here and could not be more impressed.  The white marble bullnose polish finish is beyond beautiful and makes this piece an absolute styling dream.  It’s also got a very sturdy timber frame that you can tell is going to last the distance.  It makes sense why they base their business on the Scandinavian mantra ‘Buy Once, Buy Well’.

On top of gorgeous dining room tables, Harpers Project offers a range of armchairs, bedroom furniture, coffee tables, entertainment units, hall tables, side tables, sofas, stools and a wide selection of homewares.  There’s no doubt we’ll be feeding our decorating addiction all year round with the unique pieces from this store.  

Just FYI, there is a little bit of self assembly with these pieces. This is particularly important to know if you do order a dining room table. Make sure you’ve got 2 or 3 friends there when it arrives to help you lift the heavy marble slab up onto the wooden base - marble is not light! Believe us!

Head to the Harpers Project website for more information and to get your hands on some of their gorgeous products.  


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