So I think we’ve made it fairly obvious that we love, love, love our metallic pieces.  Basically if it’s shiny, we’ll take it.  If it’s shiny and affordable, we’ll take two!

This year, it seems home décor designers have heard us loud and clear. From copper candles and golden lamps to silver tables and trays, metallics are absolutely everywhere.  Hooray!


Metallic pieces are great because they’re perfect for every room in the house. You can bring the most bare of rooms from simple to special in a matter of seconds with a few mineral-inspired materials.  I love the look of rose gold and silver cushions for the bedroom or the couch!


If you really want to go all out with this metallic trend, the kitchen is the perfect place to start.  Replace wooden doorknobs with some silvery shine or update your sink by adding a copper tap.  You might even like to install a new set of lights!  The final effect is always breathtaking. 


If you’re not ready to go all ‘house rules’ on your precious home, there are more subtle ways to bump up the shine.  Swap your regular servingwear with a metallic equivalent, invest in a new lamp or even just throw a few candles around the house!  Decorating with metallics is easy. 

Just because the office is supposed to be the place where all the ‘serious stuff’ gets done, doesn’t mean it has to look so sullen!  Have a bit of fun with your workspace by adding a metallic mouse pad or some shiny stationery. 

Don’t know where to find this stuff?  Don’t worry!  We do…

Lisa T Lips Money Box - $10, Target 

Copper Ceramic Vase - Kmart, $12

Home Republic Precious Metal Silver Cushion – Adairs, $41.95

Blush 3-Tier Display Stand in Gold – Zanui, $29.95

Bode Small Clock – Country Road, $69.95

HEKTAR Pendant lamp, bronze – IKEA, $69

Ceramic Dimple Trinket Bowl – Target, $15 

Two tone Vase – Kmart, $6.00

Dalton Rose Gold Basket – SWIISH, from $34.95

Home Republic Max Floor Lamp Copper – Adairs, $119.95

Casablanca Silver Tray - SWIISH, $79.95

Apex Cushion Cover – Zanui, $31.95

Lisa T Marble Effect Desk Clock – Target

Gold Dust Candle Holders - SWIISH, from $29.95

Need a little bit more inspo?  Check out our interiors gallery…


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