Usually, by March, our preppy New Years resolutions have gone out the window, only to be recycled the next year. Familiar thoughts like ‘be more organised’, ‘do more exercise’, ‘sleep more!!’, have been - inevitably - long forgotten. 

But not this year. 

In 2020, we vowed to make goals we could actually stick to, and guess what… we have! That’s because they are mindfulness intentions solely focussed on getting ourselves rested, re-energised and rebalanced. 

So if all your goals thus far in the new year have gone astray, we’re handing over our list for you to tackle. Trust us, you’ll surprise yourself at how easy they actually are to stick to… and how amazing you’ll feel.

Stretch more

Yes, exercise and more of it, is a classic New Year’s goal. In fact, no resolutions list has ever been made without exercise being listed somewhere. It’s true.

But what about stretching? Often after a big workout, we’re so properly exhausted that we tend to fumble out of the necessary stretch and cool-down all those fitness fanatics tell us to do. It’s a bad habit, and we want to break it. If not for our health, for our poor, aching muscles the next day…

Not to mention that taking the moment to give your muscles a proper chance to release and stretch out is such a great act of self-care. Whether it be 10 minutes in the morning, at night, and of course, always after a big gym sesh, stretching is the perfect time to be kind to your body, look after it, and just breathe.

The Digital Detox

The distraction, the time wasted, the negativity...our phones can be great little tools of communication, but they can also be a great burden. 

Since there are minimal moments in a day where we are without technology in some form or shape, we’re setting a goal to give ourselves at least, 1 hour before bed without it, and 30 minutes throughout the day. 

This way we can keep our minds out of the crazy social media world, and more in-tune with our own stresses, thoughts and queries.

Take a Moment

This one is a no-brainer, but it’s a no-brainer we seem to keep slipping out on…

With hectic schedules and just general business, it can be easy to just pile, pile, pile more things on the to-do list. Before you know it, you’re running thin on energy, motivation and rest.

We’re making this small act of self-care a total staple this year. Whether it be a bath at the end of a long week, a coffee treat at your favourite cafe, or nestling into the sofa with a good book, it’s time to give yourself the chance to take a moment, and enjoy it.

Outside Action

So, we couldn’t make this list without putting exercise on it somewhere...but it’s exercise with something extra - that being, nature.

Getting outside is one of the easiest ways to improve mood, happiness and motivation - with long term benefits for lowering anxiety and blood pressure. And since exercise is so positive for our overall cardiovascular health and fitness, we say, why not incorporate both?!

Whether it be a long morning walk on the weekend, a quick jog around the block or a yoga flow out in the garden, the fresh air, the natural surrounds and the sun are bound to do good things for your heart and your mind.