Mini Me Gardening

Getting your kids out in nature is one the best things you can do for them. You hear the experts every day saying "get them outside!, get them outside!" and they're right - it's great and it's free.

But it also helps when you've got little projects that they can do and all the better if they're ongoing projects. They feel a sense of ownership and watching their little faces beam with pride is sooo cute. 

Even though I live in an apartment and I don't have a garden or room for a veggie patch I've still found a few other cute things Annabelle, my two and a half year old, can do that are easy, and don't take up much space, and are 100% kid friendly.

These are our favourites. Enjoy! 

Window Sill Herb Farm

What kitchen would be complete without a catalogue of fresh herbs? Any pots or jars of herbs are simple to grow and brighten up any kitchen. Seeds are cheap, or if like me you struggle a bit with a lack of patience, just buy a herb plant and pot it with the kids. Instant satisfaction. Then the kids can help you pick and cook with the herbs, discovering new tastes as they go.

Wheatgrass Friends

Wheatgrass is a great source of vitamins and minerals - I add it to my green smoothies for that extra kick of natural goodness. It’s also the easiest thing in the world to grow. Put a tablespoon of wheatgrass seeds into the foot of a sheer stocking (not a used one!) and top with a cup of potting soil. Tie a knot and watch them grow! (this is really more to demonstrate how idiot proof it is!)

Or for something a bit more elegant ... you can place them in decorated empty yoghurt containers, eggshells, pots or cups and water them regularly.  To be honest though the kids will love watching the sharp blades of wheatgrass poke through the stocking more than anything else. 

Gumboot Garden

How adorable are these little gumboot gardens? If you have a little space outside (a balcony, or even hanging on a fence will do), this is a novel way to inject colour into your surroundings. 

Get the little ones started on a mini-garden project right here: 

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