Mixing It Up

I'm about to go on holidays, so last week was all about frantically rushing around trying to get everything finished. 

Sign off on a new swiish logo - done! (Do you like it?)
Meet with designer to finalise new secret project - done.
Dinner wih The 
Daily Edition team - done and it was tonnes of fun.
Sign off on new images for an upcoming ambassador role - done (can't wait to share that with you!).
Get Annabelle's day care paperwork finished - done (thank *%#^).
And on and on the week went. So the point being, when I'm rushing it's back to basics.

Denim + silk + suede = failsafe outfit. Add a leather jacket and it looks like I made an effort even though it was quick and easy. 

These pants are my new favourite thing. $25 from Mix Apparel. Seriously, at that price they are practically free. Soft, with a luxe feel and look, but in that casual slouchy way. Perfect. GET. THEM. You and your wardrobe will never be happier. 

I've teamed mine with a silk cami and suede stilettos. But there's a million options - white shirt with white jacket or go the double denim with a chambray shirt or mix the textures with a cropped chunky sweater ..... like I said, a million options. But also like I said - GET THEM!!!

Cami: Scanlan & Theodore

Pants: Mix Apparel

Shoes: Tony Bianco

Shop My Style...

Woven Strappy Back Cami – Boohoo, $30.00
Mix Apparel Chambray Pant – Mix Apparel, $25.00
Aero Black Monaco – Tony Bianco, $179.95
High Neck Cami – ASOS, $23.53
Headline Heeled Sandal – ASOS, $82.35
MinkPink Jersey Keyhole  - Surfstitch, $29.95
Windsor Smith Christy – Wanted Shoes,  $139.95


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