Movie: Springsteen & I

What better way to tell the story of a music legend than through the eyes of his devoted fans? This biographical documentary follows the life and career of one of my absolute favourite musicians, American singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen (I grew up listening to Born In The USA).

The movie presents what I think is a really interesting take on the traditional iconic music biography by presenting the story from the eyes of the fans. Apparently the director appealed to Springsteen fans, “whether you've been a hardcore Tramp since '73 or have heard one of his songs for the first time today”, wanting to capture their personal stories, insights and reflections on how Bruce and his music has affected their lives.

The result is a film compiled almost entirely by the fans – we’re talking more than 2,000 fan submissions, thereby creating a movie that not only documents Bruce Springsteen’s journey, but also expresses the powerful relationship fans have with their heroes.

This fan-driven format could have easily slipped into the realms a of sappy, reality show, but with legendary producer Ridley Scott on board, the film presents its message with all the humour and passion that the fans possess.

In an increasingly digital world it is fitting that the story of this music hero is told through cameras, computers and phones. The fans speak with such unabashed sincerity that it is easy to see why this movie has had sold-out showings globally. Even if you’re not a diehard Springsteen supporter, the unique and heartwarming accounts from the singer’s fans will keep you captivated and give you an insight into the world of the Springsteen-obsessed.

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