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A few readers have been asking me about what I wear while I’m on the go, juggling chores and Annabelle (and her toys and her snacks and a box of wipes). Most of you are asking can the world of mummy combine with the world of style and is there a (realistic) way to make them meet?

I think the answer is yes, but it’s about choosing simple pieces that you can throw together easily, without thinking too much (sometimes no brain function can occur until after coffee, but you need to get dressed to get the coffee … see the dilemma?)

This summer I’ve opted for shorts with these silk tank tops from Sportsgirl.

I know I talk about them all the time, but they are awesome. Let me explain: they’re cool, they’re comfortable, they make every outfit look better/smarter/dressier. I think it’s a more stylish option than a singlet top or t-shirt (not that I don’t think there’s a time and place for those). But this is about quick style. Now if you’re thinking, as if kids and silk can mix, here’s the surprise. I throw it in the washing ,machine. I cant afford to get it dry cleaned every two minutes and Annabelle, bless her, is the grubbiest child I’ve ever met. So I just machine wash it on delicate and pop it on a hanger, then just a light iron. So you can see I treat them no differently to a cotton t-shirt. 

In terms of accessorising , I think it’s essential when everything else is so basic. Because Annabelle is still young and so rough with any jewelry I steer away from anything to delicate while we’re together, and just choose sturdier pieces to dress up my outfit. And I definitely don’t choose anything too expensive – Lovisa, Diva, Equip, Sportsgirl, Portmans, Collette, is where I get statement necklaces under $25. It pulls the look together, makes it look like you’ve gone to some effort and best of all it goes the distance.

In these shots, my necklace is from Lovisa, my silk top is Sportsgirl, the shorts are Zara and the shoes were $50 from Max’s Shoes (

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