There’s nothing more satisfying than gobbling down homemade labneh. I love it when I visit mum as she makes labneh all the time and it’s amazing (thanks mum!).

I still remember sitting on the kitchen bench as a kid (ok, and as a grown-up too hahaha) while she made this. It was always a hit with any friends that dropped over and it could be added to so many dishes, there wasn't a time we didn't have this ready to go in our fridge. Plus, it technically only involves one ingredient to make, it's super easy and has loads of nutritional value! What's not to love!?

Homemade labneh is essentially what's left over from your yoghurt once you've strained away the whey. What's left is super delicious, creamy, healthy labneh. If you're into gut health, you can use the whey in your ferments or you can add a bit to your Super Green Smoothie – it’s full of healthy minerals and aids in digestion. I've also heard that whey & water are meant to be a powerful combination for your plants, will have to try it out on my balcony herbs!

Mum's Homemade Labneh


  • 1 tub full fat natural or Greek yoghurt (buy organic where possible)
  • 1 large square (about the size of a tea towel) of muslin or cheesecloth
  • 1 strainer / sieve
  • 1 large bowl to drain the whey into
  • Herbs and spices to flavour (our favourite is using dried chilli flakes, or lemon to flavour the labneh)
  • Olive oil to store labneh in


  1. Pour the whole tub of yoghurt in the muslin / cheesecloth.
  2. Tie the ends of the cloth very tightly (as though you were tying a sack). If you don't have a strainer, you can attach it to a wooden spoon or spatula (just whatever device she has that is wide enough for the bowl basically) and hang it over the bowl.
  3. Then let it drain for 24 hours. If you're after a harder consistency go toward the 24 hour mark (this is what Mum always does), but if you want it softer go anywhere from 12-16 hours. Your labneh is now ready to store in the fridge. For the whey, you can use as needed or freeze for later.
  4. To make the labneh balls - take about a tablespoon of labneh and roll into balls. Place into jar, cover with olive oil and preferred herbs and spices (dried chilli is definitely my favourite!) Store in fridge. These will last for several months but trust me this is so good you'll have eaten them all up well before then!