As most of you would know, late last year, I went on a very long, very important trip to the US.  Now up until this trip, the thought of getting on a 14-hour flight with one child under five was enough to make me break a sweat.  Let alone getting on a 14-hour flight with the same overtired child AND a newborn baby.  To say I was a little worried would be an understatement (try petrified…  Ha ha!)

Apparently, a lot of you must feel the same because ever since I got back earlier this year, I’ve been flooded with emails from SWIISH readers asking me how on earth I did it.  Many of you shared some serious in-flight horror stories (and I know I've had my own in the past too).  In most cases you told me about, the flights were much shorter than mine!  So naturally, you wanted to find out if I had a secret up my sleeve.

All things considered, my flights both to the US and back again were actually pretty great. And while I’d love to say I just have a natural gift at keeping kids quiet on a plane, I actually had a few very special gadgets up my sleeve…

A friend of mine first introduced me to the Flytot a few months before my trip.  She had been raving about it for months after her own trip to Greece last year, which saw her get two toddlers to fly for over 28 hours without a single tantrum.  I knew I had to give it a go!  And now looking back, I don’t know how I could have survived without it.

The Flytot, if you haven’t heard of it, is basically a giant cushion that fits perfectly in the space between your child’s seat and the one in front. This means your kids can stretch their legs out and all the way in front, which allows them to get comfy AND it stops them from kicking the seat in front.  How great is that?

Now, judging by what I’ve heard from you guys, one of the biggest issues you have when travelling with kids is getting them to sleep.  For me, the Flytot changed all of that.  Not only was Annabelle super comfy in her seat, but she was also able to lie down completely flat and go to sleep.  In fact, she ended up sleeping on the Flytot for over HALF the flight.  And the other half of the flight she was happily eating or watching movies. 

After such a fab experience, I don’t think I’d get on another long flight without the Flytot. I ordered my Flytot online from the Cozigo website but there’s also plenty of other stockists around Australia.  You can find out where your closest one is here.

While getting a toddler to sleep on a flight is tough work, getting a baby to sleep can be ten times harder.  Especially if you end up on a flight like mine where the bassinet is situated somewhere in between the TV screen, several flashing lights and a noisy airplane toilet.

Luckily though, I also brought a special bassinet cover called a Cozigo.  This Cozigo is basically a breathable cover that fits perfectly over the in-flight bassinet and blocks out around 90% of the light and can even help to protect your baby from the germs that spread easily around airplanes.

The Cozigo also doubles as a sun-protective pram cover, as it blocks out over 95% of UV radiation.  How amazing is that?   We’ve been using ours for outings at the park and beach during these last few months of Summer.

The best part is, it really does help to get your baby to sleep.  On the way back from the US Elyssa was a little bit restless but as soon as I put the Cozigo over her bassinet, she was asleep almost instantly.  I was over the moon!  

I got my Cozigo at Baby Kingdom but you can also order yours online or head to a stockist nearby.

This little miracle product was an absolute lifesaver, both on the plane and at home.  It does exactly what the name suggests… it shushes!  With loud, rhythmic shushing noises, it never fails to soothe Elyssa when she’s struggling to sleep.  The noises are so comforting, they sometimes make me want to fall asleep as well!

Apparently, The Baby Shusher draws on the ancient art of baby shushing, which is pretty different to what you’d expect.  It’s loud and intrusive and uses long rhythms, rather than being soft and gentle.  I’m not exactly sure why this technique works so well.  All I care about is that it works! I wish they had these around when Annabelle was a baby.  Ha ha!  

Head to the Baby Shusher website to get yours online or to find out where you can find a stockist in your area.

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