Nail trends come and go, and whilst we love to jump on a trend bandwagon, it’s always better to know that the trend is actually good for us and it’s not something we will regret years later (hello crimped hair, we’re looking at you hahaha!).

This is where Color Therapy by Sally Hansen comes in. When we think of quality nail care, we always think of Sally Hansen. Our love affair with Sally Hansen started at an early age - we still remember sneaking into our mum’s makeup cupboard as kids messily painting our nails with the latest colour! The brand is synonymous with style and quality so it’s no surprise that the latest range has grabbed our attention. Gone are the days where we have to sit in a nail salon to get beautiful, Instagram-worthy nails. With Color Therapy, we’re able to achieve that same luxe look for less in the comfort of our own home. Sign us up, please!

The team at Sally Hansen created Color Therapy to help busy women like us take care of our nails and hands without sacrificing style or that gorgeous look. With an Argan Oil enriched formula and the application of nail and cuticle oil, our hands and nails are able to receive the intense nourishment they deserve so we can continue to spend our days scrolling on Insta without chipping our nails. Hahaha!

What's even more exciting is that Sally Hansen have just released a new, limited edition Color Therapy range, called the Red Carpet Collection. We think this is so fitting because the shades are so incredibly gorgeous and glam.

You all know that we love anything that makes our lives easier and the process of applying Colour Therapy definitely does this as it only includes three simple steps. Firstly, apply two coats of your chosen colour (good luck choosing only one colour because they are all heavenly!), add the top coat next; and last but definitely not least (as this is where the care comes in), add a coat of the nail and cuticle oil.

We love that the hardest part of the process is choosing the colour, and Sally Hansen has really nailed the options (pun intended, sorry we couldn’t help it)! With 14 colours to choose from, there’s something for everyone to take you from your desk to dinner for up to 10 days. To brighten our gloomy winter days, we love Aura’nt You Relaxed, a vibrant coral and to take us into the night for drinks and dinner with the girls, Soothing Sapphire is our top pick. And as huuuuge fans of white polish, we just can't go past Well Well Well.

For true bang for your buck, each bottle is less than the cost of a salon manicure at only $16.95 each. Sounds good, huh? Yep, we think so too! To get the luxe look for less, you can pop into your local Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Terry White Chemists or other independent pharmacies.

This post is sponsored by Sally Hansen but all thoughts and opinions are our own.