Full of nutritional goodness, NuZest is my new supplement addiction to keep me fighting fit.

Since starting work on my new show, The Daily Edition, I've been so busy I've barely had to time to sleep, let alone make sure I'm getting all the nutrients I need each day. So to stay on top of my nutrition I have been mixing up NuZest's Good Green Stuff into my morning green smoothie to help my body gets its dose of antioxident-rich, nutrient-packed greens. Plus Good Green Stuff supports the acid-alkaline balance which is so important when maintaining a healthy immmune system.

My 2013 health kick means I'm training a lot which can sometimes (ok, ok... pretty much always) leave me with sore muscles! NuZest offers the Clean Lean Protein which is perfect for repairing sore, overworked muscles and it's totally alkaline too. It's exactly what I need to make sure I turn up for training day after day, so that I can stay fit, healthy and strong. 

Regardless of your diet, incorporating these two power players into your game will mean you'll reap the benefits!

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