If you ask any beauty editor, influencer, French woman or anyone who has visited France, they will tell you that going to a Parisian “pharmacie” is a must-do while you’re in the La Ville-Lumière aka the City of Lights.

Why? Simply put, the products are worth their weight in gold, there’s an endless amount of choice and they’re affordable. It comes as no surprise that even French pharmacies are a step above the rest. We’ve always coveted their effortless and natural style, from fashion and homewares to even grocery shopping.

Naturally, we’re also obsessed with everything the French do in the beauty and skincare department, and it seems that we’re not alone considering their pharmacies are globally renowned for their beauty and skincare offerings.

One favourite French brand that we’re obsessed with is Une Olive En Provence and the best thing is that we don’t need to suffer extreme jetlag or travel half way across the world to get it (we can order it online!).

Une Olive En Provence offers the best range of skincare products inspired and based on the magical properties of the olive tree. Founded by the son of an olive oil miller, Jean-Baptiste, and his wife, Annabel, Une Olive En Provence products utilise all valuable elements of the olive tree, which form the primary active basis in the products. Each specific olive element plays an important role in each product from regenerating the skin, boosting hydration, strengthening the skin’s protective function and being rich in antioxidants.

Exclusively made in Provence, some of our favourite products are:

You can purchase Une Olive En Provence products here.


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