When people ask us what our favourite meal of the day is, we often reply with “snack time”. You too?

Whilst this may be an unconventional answer, we can’t get through the day without some form of a snack – either sweet or savoury.

When creating our new cookbook, Super Green, Simple and Lean, we made sure we included a whole section on our favourite snacks to share with you guys. From our take on caramel slice to the yummiest tasting dips you can imagine, the book is filled with delectable and nutritious snacks that will take your snack game up to the next level.

We have a few snacks on high rotation at the moment including two of our favourite ball recipes – our Craving-Buster Tahini Balls and our Raspberry Coconut Balls. Both ball recipes are ideal for curbing any signs of hunger – especially when 3:30itis hits!

These recipes are soooo easy and simple but are high on the flavour scale. May we suggest making a big batch on a Sunday and taking them to work for the week? Trust us, your co-workers will thank you big time!

Find the recipes below and if you’d like more simple and lean recipes, you can buy our new book, Super Green, Simple and Lean from the SWIISH online store.


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