This pic (above) is what Maha and I look like when we go to one of our favourite places EVER. The Darling Spa in Sydney. That feeling of anticipation and excitement and relief (ha!) when you know you're about to head into a long overdue massage and facial, and you know you'll be pampered with the most gorgeous products and beautifully scented oils.

And if we seem beyond thrilled to be there, it's because we are! We totally get it, we know exactly how it is when life gets busy. You’ve got early mornings, late nights, deadlines to meet, bills to pay, kids to cart around, friends and family to see, and you need coffee… lots of coffee.  If you’re anything like us, you thrive on this stuff.  But at the same time, we know how important it is to also take some time for yourself.  

For Maha and I, taking a break should always involve a little rest, a little relaxation and a whole heap of pampering. Because - well... do we really need to list out the reasons? Ha! We love heading to the Darling Spa in Sydney for a few of their incredible treatments.  We started going to this place years ago and have been hooked ever since.  It was the rave reviews and luxury feel that first drew us in, but it was the phenomenal pampering and five star service that kept us coming back.

Some of our favourites from their extensive list of offerings include the aromatherapy massage, the Moroccan mud body wrap, the pure gold radiance and the darling essential facial.  You’ll come out feeling like a million bucks, every time.  

We love getting a group of girlfriends together to spend the day relaxing at The Darling hotel, popping out to lie by the rooftop pool between treatments at the spa, nibbling on cheeses and sipping freshly squeezed juice. It really is a total day of luxury. Just writing this has left me staring into space and reminiscing about my heavenly treatments. Yep, time for another visit, stat.

For more info, head to the Darling Spa website.