Pet Power

There’s a reason there’s always a crowd at the window of your local pet store. Aussies love their pets and anyone who’s ever had a pet knows the joy that owning an animal can bring.

In addition to the love and joy, there are also health benefits. Research has shown that pets can reduce stress levels and even help people who suffer from Alzheimer’s to experience fewer anxious episodes if they have a pet at home. People owners are also shown to have lower levels of depression than those who don’t.

A study from the University of Western Australia found that “children who had a dog were 49% more likely to be sufficiently active [60 minutes of physical activity each day] compared with non dog owners”. The benefits though aren’t for kids alone, pets encourage physical exercise and just getting them out for a short walk can also can give their owners a bit of time out.

Pets make wonderful companions, giving unconditional love, loyalty and a sense of fun and playfulness. They can teach children about responsibility, respect and friendship. They can provide elderly people with companionship, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Despite the many benefits of pet ownership, it is a big responsibility that should not be taken lightly. You have to truly consider your lifestyle, space, time and finances before getting a pet. Food, vet bills and arranging boarding for your pet if you’re away on holidays can be costly. If you do decide to become a pet owner, do your research and choose a pet that you are capable of taking care of, both physically and financially, then you can truly reap the rewards of having a wonderful new member of your family.

Just a quick shout out on behalf of the beautiful pets that are at the pounds around the country – please think of these adorable animals first if you’re looking for a pet. They would love nothing more than a loving family and a good home.

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