Although we are both individually pretty vigilant when it comes to our health (particularly since Sal's horrific battle with breast cancer a few years ago) the truth is that sometimes we need a little support. It can be easy to self-diagnose or dismiss symptoms with those words that tend to be said all too easily - "it's probably nothing" or "I'll go to the doctor later"... We've all been guilty of that. That's why making a #BFFPinkyPromise with your bestie is such a good idea.

What is a Pinky Promise? Well, it's a campaign run by preventative breast and ovarian cancer charity, Pink Hope. The aim of the Pinky Promise campaign is to empower and inspire friends to get together and make a commitment to have each other's backs when it comes to health. It's SUCH a great idea - a reminder that we can and should be taking control and taking preventative measures. For example, reminding one another to do a monthly breast self-exam, to go to the doctor and have any unusual symptoms checked asap, to check moles or have a skin cancer check up, or simply to be by your bestie's side and not let them dismiss anything that they feel is out of the ordinary when it comes to their body or their health. There's no need to face any of these things alone when you have your BFF by your side, and by tackling our health head on, we have the best chance for prevention or early detection if something should be wrong.

We've made our Pinky Promise, and you can too.  All you have to do is grab your BFF, and:

  1. Make a Pinky Promise with your bestie at
  2. Share your Pinky Promise on social media using the #BFFpinkypromise

You can also support Pink Hope by donating or picking up an Emma & Roe bracelet from the Pink Hope store.

Yours in health & happiness always,

Love Sal & Maha xx