Post-Pool Hair Care

There’s nothing more refreshing than going for a dip to escape summer’s heat, but your hair is usually what suffers.

None of us want that feeling of dry and damaged hair after getting out of the pool. Here are five of our favourite products to bring your post-pool hair back to life.


Agadir Argan Oil Daily Moisturizing Shampoo, $29.95

Argan oil is known as “liquid gold” in the beauty industry. It contains fatty acids that act as a natural replacement for dry and damaged hair, making it perfect for applying after a dip in the pool.


Cedel Dry Conditioner, $7.99

This one is a great little gem to store in your handbag. The fact that it’s dry makes it so easy to apply on the go, helping to restore some of that lost moisture in your hair.


Tamanu Oil Serum, $14.99

Not only is tamanu oil good for moisture replenishment, it also protects the hair against UV damage. But this little wonder does double duty – it also heals scars, making it another must have for summer.


L’Oreal Liss Ultime Leave In Conditioner, $20.40

This treatment tames fuzzy, dry, pool-chlorinated hair and is great for styling, making it perfect for those pool to bar occasions.


Redken Extreme Conditioner, $22.95

Redken products have always been a favourite of mine as they contain protein for strengthening the hair as well as hydrating it. Using this conditioner will restore colour-damaged hair, which makes it less likely to dry up from your chlorine.

swiish tip: Your hair is like a sponge and will only hold so much water. Rinse your hair in tap water before jumping in the pool and your hair will absorb less chlorine. 

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