What if you could have your Super Green Smoothie everyday, without having to prep ANYTHING at all.  That means no washing, no chopping, no peeling, no pre-portioning and no washing up.   What if you could have all that super-powered goodness ready to go in literally under 60 seconds? 

Well guess what?  Now you can!  Yep, after three long years in the making, we are so excited to announce that we have just launched our brand new product – Super Green Smoothies Frozen Packs.  And we promise, you guys are going to love it!

Over the last few years, we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we’ve received on our bestselling book, ‘Super Green Smoothies’, as well as our 30-Day Super Green Smoothie Challenge.  We have been inundated with comments, emails and Instagram messages from people raving about their weight loss, how their energy has increased or their digestion has improved.  It’s been amazing!

At the same time, we’ve also noticed the same questions popping up over and over again.  These questions include things like, “I have no time to prep!  How can I make my smoothies faster?” and “I’m always in a rush in the morning, can I make my smoothies the night before?”  It seems like no matter how many tricks and tips we gave to make things as quick and easy as possible, people always wanted more.

As a result, we have been on a mission to make drinking Super Green Smoothies faster, cleaner and more efficient than ever before.  Hence, Super Green Smoothie Frozen Packs were born!  With tasty, snap-frozen vegetables, fruits and herbs - chopped, calorie counted and ready to blend in just 60 seconds, these packs are the perfect solution for the time-poor smoothie-lover.  Simply add water, coconut water or almond milk and blend for a quick, delicious and super healthy smoothie.  

The best part is that they’re super affordable as well.  Retailing for $3.50, we've addressed five different needs - ENERGY, DETOX, SLIM, WELLBEING, and GLOW. Across the range, you guys will have a choice of six different smoothies – ‘Un beet-able’, ‘Rocket Fuel’, ‘Choco-licious’, ‘Bikini Babe’, ‘Smoothie Me Skinny’ and ‘Get Minted’   With all the feedback we’ve received from the book, we wanted to create packs that we felt you would most strongly benefit from.  Plus, they taste amazing! 

Essentially, we’ve taken all the hard work out of creating a smoothie for you. It literally is blend and go!

The Super Green Smoothie Frozen Packs are available now at Coles and Woolworths all across Australia, so you can pick them up on your next grocery shop!  Oh, and don’t forget to write in and let us know what you think.  We always love to hear from you guys!