Pregnant? The Essential Tips

Quite a few swiish readers are pregnant, so big congratulations to them! So not surprisingly there have been lots of requests for some pregnancy posts.

We’re always happy to oblige your requests!! So this is the first of many pregnancy stories that we’ll cover for the mums to be.

When I was pregnant with Annabelle, I read tonnes of books and often felt overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. Although plenty of it was really useful, I found that the best tips came to me directly from other mums – my girlfriends and workmates who had their own experiences to share. Here are the top tips which helped me to prepare for and enjoy those months before the arrival of my gorgeous bundle of joy.

  1. Fill the freezer – Cook and stock the freezer a week or two before your due date with meals that can easily be reheated. Or if you can afford to, arrange a meal delivery service (such as Gourmet Dinner Service, or Lite n Easy) for the first week or two after baby is born. 
  2. Primp and preen! Book in for any essential beauty appointments shortly before baby’s due date – haircut and colour, waxing, and a mani/pedi will make you feel great, plus it will be harder to get out and do this later on after baby arrives. 
  3. Pram practice makes perfect - Before baby arrives, assemble the pram and give it a good workout – by that I mean, learn how to unfold and fold it back up, learn where the brakes are, check how to fit it in the car boot. You won’t want to be struggling to figure this all out with a newborn baby baby in your arms!
  4. Book a babymoon - You don’t need to go far or spend a lot of money. This time with your partner before the baby comes along is very precious! Even if it’s just for one night, take the chance to relax together, and connect.
  5. Stay active - Go for walks, try prenatal yoga or go for a swim. Exercise will give you more energy, relieve stress, help you sleep and help you prepare for the physical demands of labour. Plus those endorphins will make you feel great.

Ultimately the best tip I got was to enjoy my maternity leave before baby arrives - don’t fill the days with a million chores (this is harder than it sounds!).  Go to the movies, have some alone time, read magazines, have a  long afternoon nap. Pretty much all of the things that will be a bit tricky to do in the first few months after baby arrives.

What are your top tips for enjoying your maternity leave and preparing for baby’s arrival?


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