If you haven’t heard about what Annabelle got for her birthday last year, then you’re probably the only one.  Ha ha!  She couldn’t stop telling everyone about the brand new Disney Princess bed that had showed up in her room.  It was no doubt her favourite present.

When it came time for Christmas, Marcus and I decided we had to keep this winning present streak going.  We ended up getting her a beautiful wall mural and toy box, both Disney princess themed (of course!).

Then when Annabelle was with her grandparents, we snuck into her room and completely decked it out - Disney princess style!  It was so amazing that with just two new items, Annabelle’s room was completely transformed into a fairy tale fantasyland.  I still remember the look on her face when she got home.  I think it’s safe to say we kept the winning present streak going that day...  

To any other mums out there with kids as Disney obsessed as mine - here's the scoop.  I got all these amazing presents from ChildSmart - an online destination for kids toys, lifestyle products and nursery items.  Their products all come from some of Australia and New Zealand’s top quality brands.

The mural is a Pro Art mural, which was pre-pasted, so that made it super easy for us to install it on her wall. And the princess furniture is from Worlds Apart - they make toys, lighting, furniture, kids lifestyle products, you name it... just so that mini-me's and their parents a bit more wow factor at home.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t stop at beds, murals and toy boxes.  Childsmart have almost everything. You can literally deck out an entire room with specially themed desks, tables, storage boxes, stationery and of course, toys!  If you’re looking to score some serious brownie points this year, Childsmart is the place to go.

Head to to check out some of these amazing items and find out which retailer you can get them from.  Below we’ve included some of the Childsmart items we love the most, along with links to websites where you can order them.

Princess Room of Dreams Full Wall Mural 243 x 369cm - $499 

Disney Princess Feature Toddler bed - $449.10

Disney Princess Desk and Stool - $84

Disney Princess MDF Toy Box - $99.95

Pretty as a Princess Wall Mural - $149

Disney Princess 6 Bin Storage - $89