Don’t you just love those books that can take you into another world for a little while?  What’s even better is when you find out it’s actually a completely relatable world filled with realistic situations, funny memories and a hilarious dose of honesty.    

This is how we felt when reading Mrs. Woog’s new book ‘Primary School Confidential’, a comical account of what really goes on inside the school gates.  As a former primary school teacher, Mrs. Woog thought nothing could surprise or scare her when it came to the schoolyard – until she became a parent.  This book shows how school isn’t just for kids.  When you’re a parent, you have to go back to school too.  And sometimes, it can be even scarier than before.  Ha ha!            

If you’re a regular in the blogosphere, then there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Woogs World and it’s author Kayte Murphy (under the disguise of Mrs.Woog), the hilarious housewife/mother/blogger from the burbs with an interesting opinion on everything.  This clever lady covers a mismatched mix of politics, family, travel, fashion, social issues, wine and cheese.  We are lucky enough to know Mrs Woog and she is HILARIOUS - she writes from the heart in a way that is so unaffected and so real, you always find yourself laughing out loud. So needless to say, we've been fans of her work for so long that when Primary School Confidential came out, there was no way we were missing out.

Needless to say, it was worth it.  This hilarious, sweet, retable, loving tribute to primary school will take you down memory lane and touch the hearts (and funny bones) of every former teacher and student out there i.e. all of us!.  It’s also a great eye-opener for soon-to-be parents and makes for a perfect pressie for anyone with young kids.


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