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Prints are a great way to bring any room to life. Whether it's your living room, bedroom or home office, it's an affordable way to bring colour and inspiration into your home. 

I live near the ocean and it's a massive part of my daily life. I love capturing a quick snap of it for Instagram whenever I can. But putting my iPhone photography skills to absolute shame is my dear friend, Jason.

Jase and I met at Channel 7 years ago and have since become really good mates. He's one of the funniest, nicest and most talented guys in the business, and has an incredible finesse for capturing a truly breathtaking image.

Jase’s passion lies in seascape photography and capturing those gorgeous early morning sunrises. Sacrificing his beauty sleep, Jase is always up bright and early snapping those first magical lights of the new dawn. Not only capturing incredible seascapes, Jase is no stranger to getting in amongst the surf and capturing the internal beauty of the waves.

With such a unique and artistic eye for photography, the moodiness and surreal beauty Jase captures is truly remarkable. I love scouring his website to choose my next piece, it is so hard because I am coveting them all.

Here are my favourite five pieces from Jase’s seascape collections, they are just beautiful. His works can be purchased online starting at $60.

1. Manly Magenta

Get it here.


2. Manly Ferry

Get it here.


3. North Steyne

Get it here.


4. Blue Mercury

Get it here.


5. Mind Warp

Get it here.

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