2017 is officially in full swing! And if you’re amongst the hundreds who’ve made saving money and getting healthy a top priority this year, then you’ve probably thought about brown bagging your lunch.  We know we have!  Because speaking from experience, we know that packing your own lunch for work can save hundreds of calories and hundreds of dollars too.  

Unfortunately for a lot of people brown bagging often ends up in one of two ways – a) you cook something so boring you don’t even want to eat it, or b) you don’t cook at all because you just have no time!  So where do you end up?  Back at your building’s café buying a sauce-drenched schnitzel wrap.  Sure, it tastes great, but now you’ve broken your budget and your diet. 

It’s no wonder we’ve been receiving so many emails from SWIISH readers lately, asking for easy, healthy, cheap lunch ideas. They’re hard to find!  Because in reality, the only prep-time people have these days is no prep-time.  Ha ha!  Which is why we’ve been suggesting that our readers try the new Weight Watchers meal range.  

We first came across this new range last year when we returned from our massive US trip.  On top of having a new baby in the picture, there was no food in the fridge and a mountain of work to catch up on.  There was literally no time to cook!  We’d heard amazing reviews about the Weight Watchers frozen meal range and so we decided we’d give it a go.

We were a little sceptical at first.  Like a lot of other women, we’ve tried a number of different ‘diet’ meal plans in the past.  What we tend to find is that lot of them are really out-dated.  The portion sizes are tiny and they focus on drastically reducing fat and calories, rather than concentrating on nutrition.  Plus a lot of the time, it just looks (and tastes) like cardboard!  

The new Weight Watchers frozen meal range, on the other hand, is sooo not like this.  The recipes are modern, flavoursome and filling.  We’re talking about things like Mango Coconut Chicken, Pumpkin and Ricotta Cannelloni and Beef in Spiced Plum Sauce. The gourmet menu particularly blew us away with the delicious sauces and flavour!  It’s exactly what we had been looking for!

Having authored several healthy recipe books, we know a thing or two about nutrition.  That’s why we were particularly impressed with the Weight Watchers frozen meal range.  In our opinion, the meals provide the perfect combination of wholesome ingredients, flavour and nutrition.  

The best part though?  These meals are so quick and easy!  All you have to do is pack them in your bag and then pop them in the microwave at work.  Plus, they’re super affordable as well.  Ours averaged out to be around $6.49/meal.  That’s just $32.95 for a weeks' worth of lunches.  We don’t know about you guys, but we could often spend that in one day!

The range has three different menus - Light, Classic and Gourmet, so you can pick and choose depending on the occasion.  We tend to mix it up a bit throughout the week but here are our top 10 favourites:

This new range has officially solved all the issues we run into when we want to pack our own work lunch.  They’re delicious, healthy, cheap and require zero prep-time.  It’s a time-poor foodie’s dream!

If you’re looking for super convenient, healthy and affordable work lunches, then you have to give this new Weight Watchers range a go.  Make 2017 the year you finally achieve your health and financial goals!

You can pick them up in the freezer section at Coles and Woolworths, and independent grocery stores.  For more information on each of the meals, head to www.wowfrozenmeals.com.au.

This post is sponsored by Weight Watchers but all thoughts and opinions including meal suggestions are our own.




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