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Ahh our poor skin! We load it up with so many products that it’s no wonder it breaks out or dries up. If you’re looking to take a break from chemically ridden products, then Karen Gilbert’s book Natural Beauty has all the secrets.

Fancy slathering some lemon and tea tree balm on your feet? Sounds good to us! Or maybe you’d like to use a grapefruit wake-up-wash to start your day? Yup, we are keen on that as well! These are just some of the recipes you’ll find in Karen’s fabulous book. If that’s not enough, she even shows us how to make luscious-smelling perfumes. There are so many different homemade products in this book it’s tough choosing which one to try first.

Making the products may sound daunting but trust us, most of them require so few ingredients you may have everything you need in your cupboard already.

With it’s simple and clear instructions and photos, the recipes are easy-peasy. swiish recommends the cocoa butter lip balm. It smells delicious!

Natural Beauty has got the whole swiish team obsessed with homemade products and I’m sure it will have the same effect on you. Treat yourself to a fun pamper night with the girls and buy Natural Beauty here.

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