We know how it is… you set New Year's resolutions and in February, you felt like a total fitness bunny.  Now come mid-year you’ve got your local pizza place on speed dial and a gym membership going down the drain.  We’ve all been there! 

The truth is, you don’t need a whole new year to set you back on track.  What you need, is a mid-year reboot.  This 7-day routine is designed to reset your system so that you’re physically and mentally ready to get back into the swing of things. And with under a month to go until Spring, there's no better time.

It will take a bit of discipline to stick to every step, but that’s the whole point.  Stick with it for 7 days straight and then after that, working out and choosing to eat healthy food should feel a little bit easier than before.  Plus, you’ll feel cleansed, refreshed and full of energy.  

Are you ready?  Let’s go…

This week, you’re going to have tiny detox drink every morning.  Made up of ¼ tsp. lemon juice, 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper, 1 tsp. organic apple cider vinegar and 60ml water, it’s probably the healthiest shot you’ll ever take!  Apple cider vinegar will work to rebalance pH levels in your body, improve digestion, lower cholesterol levels and reduce bloating.  Lemon juice will help cleanse your system and give you a vitamin C hit, while cayenne pepper can increase blood circulation and fire up your metabolism.

We'll be honest, it is a little sour and not the most pleasant thing to drink, but after 7 days of downing this stuff every morning, you’ll begin to feel way less sluggish and bloated and more energised.    

This week, it’s not all about rebooting your physical health.  It’s also about getting your mind back to a place of focus and relaxation.  Try and put down your phone, and work at least 10 minutes of meditation into your daily routine for the next 7 days.  We like to do it first thing in the morning or right before bed. If you can get up to 30 minutes, even better!  See our post on meditation to learn how to get the technique right.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Yes we know what you’re thinking… “Uhhhh as if we don't already know that”  But it really is true!  Eating a well-balanced breakfast provides you with long-lasting energy, keeps you from snacking too much and can even improve your mood.  For a big hit of goodness - we're talking vitamins, nutrients, increased energy and improved digestion, drink a Super Green Smoothie as your breakfast. If you're eating out for brekkie, or didn't get time to whip up your smoothie, then some good options include oats with natural yoghurt and berries or eggs with a slice of wholegrain toast, avocado and spinach.

On top of loading up on fresh fruit and vegetables, this week we also recommend adding herbs and spices to your food.  Why?  Well firstly, too much salt in your diet can lead to high pressure and water retention (aka, bloating and cellulite – no thanks!).  Replacing your usual salt sprinkle with herbs and spices instead can help amp up flavour levels, while offering health benefits at the same time.  In particular, try adding more turmeric, garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and even peppermint to your dishes.  You’re body will thank you for it!

There isn't any way around this one, but we will try to ease you in gently. You wouldn’t believe the amount of difference just 30 minutes of exercise can make to your body and your mind. Just 30 minutes. If you aren't a regular gym-goer or you haven’t exercised in years, this week you’re going to exercise everyday. But don't worry - it can be as simple as a power walk, a yoga class or a short weight training session, as long as you get your heart rate up you’re doing something good.  This can help to detoxify your body, improve your mood, raise your self-confidence and even help you breath better.  Plus it will help you to continue on the right track beyond this week.

Do not underestimate the power of hydration. Somehow we all don't have any trouble remembering to drink our coffee every day, but water? Many of us can't recall what time we drank our last glass. Increasing your water intake can help to reduce fatigue, flush out toxins, boost your immune system, cure headaches, improve skin complexion and even promote weight loss.  For your 7 day health reboot, you’re going to need to drink at least 2 - 2.5 litres of water to really flush out your body and so that all your organs can function at their peak again.

This one is super important. Again, put down the phone hahaha (hey, we're all guilty of this one!). But not getting enough sleep doesn't just lead to fatigue. It affects your skin, creates dark circles under eyes and can even result in depression.  This week, try to get at least 8 hours every night.  We recommend turning off the TV and putting your phone away about an hour before bed and winding down with a different activity instead. You could try reading, having a bath, or even drawing! Don't be tempted to check Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or email before closing your eyes. Make a pact to put down the phone, or better yet, switch it off before you even start your wind-down hour.


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