What if we told you there was a superfood that was twice as nutritious as kale AND tasted like your sweet, sweet friend, bacon? You’d think we were joking, wouldn’t you? But we’re not.

Let us introduce you to dulse, a type of red algae/seaweed that researchers at Oregon State University have discovered is high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Research chef, Jason Ball, was the genius who first realised that this type of seaweed would make health lovers everywhere rejoice. Its smoky and strong flavour when fried resembles bacon, which we are super stoked about!

No longer will eating seaweed be reduced to Japanese; we will be able to eat it with just about anything (a DLT anyone?)!

Although dulse still hasn’t hit the shelves in Australia (it’s still in testing mode), we’re sure it can only be a matter of time before this superfood hits our frypans, and we cannot wait.  

Have you tried dulse anywhere? Or are you as excited as us to try this new superfood?


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