Besides mangoes, cherries and Christmas, swimming is one of our absolute favourite things about summer and if your kids are anything like the little loves in our lives, they are total water babies as well. They’ll do anything to stay in the bath, pool or ocean for “just five more minutes”! We’ve heard that line a million times haha!

When we were kids the options for swimmers were pretty dire – it was pretty much a blue or black one piece with matching goggles. So trendy, we know! Hahaha. Now though, kids are spoilt for choice for the swimwear on offer. If we’re being completely honest, we’re just a tad jealous!! One thing that hasn’t changed much though is the goggle department. It’s still pretty standard to have a black or navy pair. Well, that is until now.

Enter: Bling2o goggles! We cannot even begin to tell you how fun these goggles are and they make swimming that extra bit special! Kids can dive and dazzle at the same time with the eccentric, fun and colourful designs.


We are seriously obsessed with all the goggles and not only are they fun, but they are also completely latex and lead free with anti-fog properties that ensure great vision. There’s no need to sacrifice functionality for style because these goggles have both! At under $30 a pair, these are stocking fillers that will last forever but won’t break the bank!

Now… where do we get adult pairs? Haha!

You can buy Bling2o Goggles from Baby Goes Retro. Happy swimming!

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