My morning routine is all about setting myself up so that I can create the best possible day ahead. I start with the basics and build from there - a quick stretch when I get out of bed and a five minute meditation to set my intentions for the day, then it’s go mode!

I down a shot of coffee while I prep school lunches and hustle my two girls into gear - trust me, that's no easy task.

While I love my morning coffee, I know that coffee isn't great for your teeth - and it's certainly not great for your breath. I'm a big believer in whole mouth health - what I mean by that is that my passion about looking after my skin, my gut health, overall wellness and what I put into my body also, extends to my teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.

That's why I've been using the new Colgate Total, because it's centred around whole mouth health. So - first up, I use a tongue scraper and then I brush (yes brush!) my gums, tongue and teeth. I use the Colgate Total mouthwash too, to make sure that my breath is fresh.

I like taking a few minutes to look after myself and my smile. It’s embedded into my hair and beauty regime - because for me, a smile is where it all begins. I like that I can enjoy my coffee and know that the new Colgate Total is helping protect the health of my whole mouth. 

I do the same for Annabelle as well since she turned 6 - because kids tend to mimic what they see, and it's critical that I set a good example, and that I help her learn to create a morning routine centred on looking after herself.

For more information on the new Colgate Total, head to https://www.colgate.com.au/products/total.

#Sponsored by Colgate, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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