We’ve just returned home from Melbourne where we heard PR queen and our good friend, Roxy Jacenko, share all of her tips and tricks on being the ultimate go-getter. She shared so many little pearls of wisdom on business, careers, social media and the PR world that we couldn’t help but share our absolute favourites with SWIISH readers.

And in good news just in, the seminar is now available for download so if you’ve ever watched the ‘In Conversation’ highlight reels on Instagram and felt major FOMO, this is your chance to glean all the secrets.

So... back to our favourite tips:

Whether you're hosting events, or creating a marketing campaign or thinking of ideas for business, don’t be restricted by Australia’s geography, otherwise what you do will end up looking like what everyone else is. Europe and the USA usually set the trends and are well ahead of us we can draw some invaluable inspiration for the next season or the next big product from what our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are doing.

This is one of our favourite gems from Roxy. Every time we send her an email, she replies to us with "ON IT". We immediately adopted this for ourselves at SWIISH. It’s the idea that as soon as there’s an issue, a problem or even a simple task, responding with ‘ON IT’, means it will get done and we’ll sort it out. It even works if you’re just asking someone to grab you a skinny piccolo while they're out at lunch haha. ON IT!


Whatever you do, presentation and attention to detail are key ingredients. It’s what people will remember you and/or your product by, after you’ve left the room. This then relates to customising everything – for example, don’t be the one who sends out your product in the standard black gloss bag with a black satin ribbon and a generic note. Take the time to write a personalised note and make the presentation of what you're sending stand out so much that people want to post it on their Instagram!


A deal is rarely closed over email. Customers, clients and colleagues appreciate the extra effort you go to by picking up the phone. With all the technology that consumes our daily lives, we think the old school method of dialling someone’s number (well, you know, going into your contacts and clicking on their name hahaha) and hearing their voice is so underutilised. As Roxy says, when you're trying to get a deal across the line, it's much harder for people to say no to you over the phone as opposed to when you send an email.


We love this tip, as it’s something we implement at SWIISH. We have a big yearly and monthly calendar set up with all the important dates for that year so we know ahead of time what content we need to prepare. That way, when International Dumpling Day rolls around, we’ve already got content and images ready to go. (FYI, International Dumpling Day is on the 26 September this year). No matter what industry you're in, find out the interesting and important dates and use them as an opportunity to create interesting content.

Did you attend Roxy's "In Conversation" seminar? What were your favourite tips and tricks?


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