We have written about the sheer trend so many times on SWIISH that we now think it’s more of a classic than a trend and to tell you the truth, we ain’t mad about it. The more sheer, the better!

Everywhere we look, someone is wearing sheer - and we're not just talking about celebs, models or street style fashionistas. Even in winter, sheer is big in the world of fashion. We’ve received so many emails from SWIISH readers about how to do this look in a way that's age appropriate but still fun. Plus so many of you have said that you think you can't pull it off unless you have a supermodel's figure. 

First and foremost - fashion shouldn't be dictated by whether or not someone has a gazelle-like stature, otherwise none of us would have anything to wear. There is totally a way for all of us to pull off the sheer trend. We've got a couple of tips up our sleeve that will leave you looking delightfully chic. Plus have a little peek at the gallery at the end of this post for some street style inspiration and to see how versatile this trend (or classic!) can be.

Now - back to those tips!

Firstly - when choosing what piece of sheer clothing you want to wear, think about the areas of your body that you love and want to highlight. Then, it’s as easy as choosing your sheer to accentuate that part of your body. If you love your legs, then show them off in a sheer maxi skirt. Wear a turteneck on top to balance it out. Want to wear a plunging neckline but keep it a little more demure? Look for something with sheer panelling. Want to give yourself more of a waist? Look for dresses with a cut out sheer panel. It really is as simple as working the area you want to show off. For the ultimate classic look you can’t go past a dress with sheer sleeves – it always looks so chic.

Here's how we work this trend at SWIISH:

If you want to try taking your sheer fashion game a little further this winter, then it's pretty simple to do. The key is layering. Try wearing sheer dresses and skirts over pants or even jeans. To do this, look for oversized styles, or tulle layered sheer skirts. This is such an easy way to update your wardrobe so you look bang on trend whilst not missing out on the comfort (read: warmth!) of winter dressing.

Don’t forget to just wear what makes you feel like yourself because that’s the most important thing. However you wear sheer though, we bet you’ll look a million bucks!

Here's that extra inspo for you:


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