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I admit I love to spoil Annabelle way too much. This has meant a lot of my time is spent in children’s stores and shopping online for my gorgeous little princess. When I find a store I fall in love with, the first thing I want to do is let everyone know about it, especially you, swiish readers. Well – Kido Store is one those. Some (like my accountant when he saw how many purchases I had racked up on my visa card) would say it was clearly love at first sight!

Kido Store is a trendy, cool and stylish concept and online store that sells all you need for kids and a little something for you too! You can easily spend hours browsing through their wide range of goods, which include everything from clothes to furniture.

What I love about Kido Store is that you can also tell the crew there are passionate about what they do. Owners Luke and Lauren keep their store as fresh as possible by travelling overseas, keeping up to date with what’s on trend and constantly communicating with customers to ensure they have a shop stocked with goodies that people want to buy and own. For me, I am hoping Annabelle and I can hide in their suitcase on one of their overseas trips.

For Sydneysiders, you can check out their stylish stores in Clovelly and Surry Hills or visit Kido Store on the Tini Trader website (swiish loves the Tini Trader website as it's a great edit of pretty much anything you need for your child). 

Here are our top swiish picks:

Anne Claire Petit Owl Pillow, $69.00

Can a pillow get any cuter? This bright and colourful owl is the perfect addition to Annabelle’s (and any child’s!) room. It has been 100% hand-crocheted using only natural materials so you know a lot of love has gone into the making of it.


Kalon Caravan Divan, $995.00

This versatile piece is designed to be the first big kid bed. Don’t worry though, once your little one outgrows it, it transforms perfectly into a cool couch. It’s low to the ground so your child can get on it with ease, curl up with their favourite book and read for hours.


Collegien Slippers, $35.00

Annabelle absolutely loves her slipper socks. The cosy knitted upper keeps her feet comfy and warm like socks but their thickness and non-slip rubber sole make them safe and practical for her to run around the house in. We both love the adorable, bright colours so much that it makes it hard to choose which pair to wear next!


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