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Jewellery is such a personal thing and many of us (me included) love to choose pieces that hold special meaning. That is why I was so excited when I found Smallprint, an online shop that can turn family memories into beautiful jewellery. 

Instead of the old ink or paint handprint that can be easily lost after years in storage, you can actually put your little one’s handprints on a bracelet, cufflinks or necklace. 

It makes for the perfect Xmas present for someone close to you, or even to have just for you. Here are some of the gorgeous pieces from Smallprint that I know I’ll be giving as gifts over Xmas:

High Fives & Little Kickers Charm Bracelet, from $145


I love the idea of having your baby’s hand or footprint on a beautiful charm bracelet. You can even choose from a thicker band or a delicate bracelet. 

Fingerprint Key Chain, $170

Now you can have your bubba’s fingerprint on a special key ring to carry around with you everywhere. 

Mini Masters Cufflinks, $240

I love Annabelle’s drawings and I know that Marcus would love these cufflinks which will capture her mini-Picasso moments!

Love Letters Pendants, $190 (pendant + ball chain)

Put their handwriting on a cute pendant to cherish forever. I can’t wait to use this with Annabelle’s first signature. 

Grown Up Prints, $80


Smallprint charms are not only for doting parents. You can put any loved one’s fingerprint or kiss mark on a piece of jewellery. 

Visit Smallprint now to order your keepsake jewellery.

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