From $130 at Priceline, to over $200 online these tiny, retro-themed fridges are the new pricey purchase for your skincare routine.

In pastel pinks, blues and purples, skincare fridges are popping up everywhere, especially on instagram. While they are undeniably so cute (!) we’re not so sure they’re as necessary for our routine as the IG influencers say they are…

For one, do we really need ice-cold mascara on the daily?

We’ve done some digging to pop the bubble of this new social media phenomenon - here’s what you need to know.

Do you want ice with that??

We hate to break it to you, but the consensus from most qualified dermatologists is that the candy-coloured mini fridge is just a bit of a fad.

While there are benefits for soothing early morning puffiness with chilled face rollers or gua shas, the pros really do end there.

Clean skincare brand, Beauty by Earth says because all products are stability tested before being released on the market, having a fridge to store them in is not really warranted. Stability testing proves that formulas have shoes they can withstand a simple life on the shelf, and will not decompose, separate or spoil too soon after being opened. (Generally, non-organic products have a shelf-life of 1 year, after being opened).

In fact, that’s the single benefit of using non-organise product. The increased shelf-life. There are studies to show preservatives, such as parabens and formaldehyde-releasing ingredients can be harmful, but they do tend to do the trick for keeping your product usable. While the extra few months of use can be tempting, at SWIISH we endorse a more natural approach to beauty, for the sake of your skin, and your health.

Buuut...what about my organic skincare??

For the case of the cute candy-coloured fridge, there is one point to make, and that’s regarding organic and natural products.

Natural or organic products are those that don’t carry any heavy preservatives, like parabens, and thus, also do not harbour a terribly long shelf-life. Because these products are all naturally sourced, there is a greater likelihood of them spoiling sooner than their 6 month shelf-life - if not stored in a cool, dry environment. 

This is where the benefits of the mini skincare fridge come in - it surfaces as a cute, compact way of ensuring the shelf-life of your natural products, as well as cooling and soothing benefits for the skin. However, (again) it isn’t essential. As long as you’re keeping them stored air-tight, out of the sun, and out of steamy bathrooms, you should experience no issues with premature oxidising or spoiling.